The App class is a singleton in charge of fetching and loading scenes when playing them from the editor or built project. Additionally, it gives us access to the current Scene and the active Camera.



activeCamera: string;

This is the active camera rendering the current Scene.


title: string;

This is the title of our App.


currentScene: Scene;

This is the currently active scene being rendered by the runtime controller.


readonly scenes: { name: string, uuid: string}[];

This object contains a reference to the scenes that we wish to build with our app. The first one in the array will be run first.



play(): void

This function must be called to start the App only in the built project.


loadScene(name: string | number): Promise<void>

Call this function to asynchronously load a scene. Scenes, like all Assets in Rogue Engine, are not loaded in memory until after they are fetched in order to save on resources. The loaded scene will be immediately played by the Runtime controller.


clone(object3d: Object3D, parent?: Object3D): Object3D

This method clones a given Object3D with all its components. It's basically Rogue Engine's version of Object3D.clone which only clones the object.