Next Steps

Now that you have Rogue Engine installed and know how to open and create projects there are a few things you can do:

Keep reading this guide

If you're not sure what to do next you should read the Editor manual. This comprehensive guide will help you understand how the Editor works.

The Engine API manual is a great place to learn how to code your scripts and components.

Download an Example

One great thing you can do is download an example to see how a working project is made. That's a fantastic complement to this guide. Study the components, the project structure, the settings and take your new found knowledge to your projects.

Watch tutorials

In the future there will be tutorials and other useful content on BeardScript's YouTube channel. For now you can benefit from any Three.js tutorial you can find.

Learn Three.js

Three.js is the WebGL library behind Rogue Engine. It's crucial that you learn how to use it if you're planning to write any code.

In the Resources section of this website you'll find a few guides and books to help you get started.

Learn Javascript

Well... this goes without saying. If you're planning to write any code you'll need to learn Javascript. That goes without saying.

In the Resources section of this website you'll find some resources to aid you in just that.

Learn Typescript

If you don't know Javascript, it might be best to learn the basics first. But if you do, you should learn Typescript next. This Rogue Engine's officially supported language.

It should be easy enough for a Javascript developer to learn. It might seem intimidating at first but, as you get used to it you'll start seeing the benefits.

Most of us hate it at the beginning and end up loving it 😍.

Join the community

If you haven't yet, join the community. This is a great way to interact and learn with other people using either Rogue Engine and Three.js.

Be respectful, be mindful and don't hesitate to offer your help if you can. I'm sure someone will reciprocate. It goes both ways.