While it’s crucial to learn how to use Rogue Engine’s API, it’s also very important to know how to use three.js. This is the WebGL library that powers Rogue Engine and you’ll be using it a lot.
Here you’ll find a selection of books, guides and tutorials to aid you in your journey.

Example Projects

Play around with the example projects to get some inspiration.

BeardScript's YouTube

Subscribe to BeardScript's YouTube channel for Rogue Engine tutorials and more.

Three.js Journey

A great course by Bruno Simon to help you become a Three.js Ninja.

Discover Three.js

This online Book by Lewy Blue, is a great starting point to learn three.js

Three.js Fundamentals

This detailed online guide by Greggman, will help you dive deep into three.js

Three.js Examples

Take advantage of the fantastic examples on the Three.js website.