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You can use the editor for free under a personal license.
Commercial use is allowed if your total revenues and/or funding in the last 12 months are below 80k USD.
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$ 20 $ 10 / month / seat

Billed Annually $ 120

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$ 50 $ 25 / month / seat

Billed Annually $ 300

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$ 90 $ 45 / month / seat

Billed Annually $ 540

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Private Packages
Asset modules available across projects for all team members.
Premium Packages
Exclusive modules and editor extensions to make your life easier.
App Hosting
Host your app with Rogue Play in just a few clicks.
Profile Checkmark
Get an exclusive checkmark for your Rogue Play Profile.
10GB 30GB 80GB
Team Management
Custom Roles
2 5 50
Priority Priority+ Priority++
Auth API (Coming Soon)
Log in your users with their Rogue Account.
User Data API (Coming Soon)
Save your user's data in the cloud.
Cloud Projects (Coming Soon)
Share your projects across devices and team members.


Do I own what I build with Rogue Engine?

Yes, all rights to the products you build with Rogue Engine are yours.

You’re free to use your html5 exports however you want and you don’t owe us anything. You’re only required to use the correct license for your earnings threshold.

Can I use Rogue Engine for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can commercialize your projects in any way you want as long as you keep within the finiancial limits of your license. You’re not allowed to re-distribute or commercialize the engine or any of it’s individual parts.

What are the earning limitations for each license?

Earning limits apply to Personal, Plus and Pro licenses if you are a company or freelancer doing any kind of work, related in any way, to the use you’ll be giving to Rogue Engine.

Earnings account for total finances including income and funding in the past 12 months.

The Personal license has a limit of less than $80k.
The Plus license has a threshold of less than $150k.
The Pro license has a threshold of less than $300k.

The Enterprise license has no earning limitations.

If you or your company exceed any of these limits, you must purchase a license.

Do I need a separate account for my organization?

Yes, you should create a separate account for your organization. Purchase a license that fits your needs and assign individual accounts as admins or members.

Can a Personal, free account be an admin of an organization?

Yes, any account can be an admin of an organization. Said account will be assigned a seat, so make sure there’s one available.

Will my organization account occupy a seat?

By default, an account will occupy a seat. If it has a license higher than Plus, you can remove it from the team members in the account settings to liberate the seat.

Can I publish anything I want to Rogue Play?

You're allowed to publish content that is neither sexual in nature or illegal under either UK law and the laws of your country of residence.

What happens to my files if I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription your files will be locked and you won’t have access to them until you buy a new license. They will be scheduled for deletion in 30 days.

What happens to my files if I downgrade my subscription?

It's your responsibility to free the necessary space before downgrading. Your files will be deleted after 24hs unless you take action.

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