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Here you’ll find some examples of projects created with Rogue Engine. These will help you understand how to go about creating your own projects.

Rogue Saber (by Ruben van der Leun)

An immersive VR experience by Ruben van der Leun. Probably one of the best lightsaber simulators out there and, it's just a click away.

Angry Bomb (by Alejandro Rayón)

A fun set of examples by Alejandro Rayón of Imagin & Tonic, showing different uses of Angry Birds-like mechanics using Cannon.js and Rogue Engine.

Warriors Arena

A local 2 player fighting arena with gamepad support by BeardScript. Challenge a friend to play locally with two gamepads.

Rogue Arkanoid Tutorial​

This is the Arkanoid example built by BeardScript in his youtube channel, explaining the process in detail. It's a great way to get started with Rogue Engine.

Watch the tutorial

Rogue FPS Example

This is an example of an FPS using the ammo.js physics engine with Webassembly. It includes a player controller, decals, mesh colliders, and particles.

Rogue Space Shooter

This is a top-down shooter featuring sounds, explosions, simple box3 intersections with no physics, and mini-game logic.

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